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“Smack me!” she had said insolently, in front of the entire class. Prior to that day, I hadn’t realized what I was capable of doing when provoked. Elizabeth had brought out the most primal of my instincts. She had managed to break my gentle mannered ways and turned me into a sex-hungry beast. --- At the age of 34, I considered myself a respectable man in the teaching profession. I had managed to work my way up the ranks, and I was feeling quite happy about my achievements until I met Elizabeth. In the three years that I had been administering biology courses at Hedgemore - a private school in the North of England - I’d never come across a girl quite like her. She was 18 years old and very popular with her classmates. She was also a very bright pupil, her grades being amongst the best in the class. But, she had multiple problems with authority, rules and regulations. She often dressed inappropriately, showed up late to class, chatted with the other students during the lectures, and made the most obnoxious statements completely out of the blue. She was a disruption to the smooth running of such an elite and expensive school. Despite her having been severely warned twice by the school board about possible expulsion, Elizabeth didn’t seem to care too much about the consequences. I felt sorry for her because she had a lot of future potential, if only she could harness her wild-child ways and finish her education. Over the past two months since the school term hard started, I had taken note of 17 separate violations coming from Elizabeth; four of which related to tardiness, seven were for chatting in class, and six were for making unnecessary interruptions or comments. The tally should have been higher, but I had given up on sticking strictly to the school protocol. In fact, during my discussions about Elizabeth with the board, I had been very lenient by only reporting about half of the violations of which I had taken note. Along with the reports from the other teachers, that still placed her as the most unruly student the school had ever known. I hadn’t even reported her many dress code violations because at the time they had seemed inconsequential to her education, or rather if I’m honest, I actually quite liked the way she looked. Elizabeth was always smartly dressed even if her skirts were often a few inches too short and the buttons on her blouse weren’t always fastened as they should have been. Other girls had been reported for excessive use of makeup, but Elizabeth didn’t need to wear any. She was a naturally pretty girl. Elizabeth knew that she was good-looking. She had sleek short golden-brown hair cut in a bob, beautiful dark blue eyes, a cute little turned-up nose, and pouty lips. Her body was well-developed, with large firm breasts, a thin waist, curvy hips and an adorably round bottom. I feel ashamed to say that I couldn’t help but notice all these details and more, especially because Elizabeth was well aware of the effect that she had on men and flaunted it to her advantage whenever she felt she had been wronged. Three times after I had seriously reprimanded her for her bad behavior in class, she had sat there provocatively, looking at me with a sulky expression on her face, her head in her hands with her elbows on the desk, parting her legs just enough to expose her panties between her milky white thighs. On other occasions, I knew that she had deliberately unbuttoned her blouse so that I would see her breasts while I walked amongst the students to help them during their work session. She often called me over to her desk to ask silly questions, which I knew for sure were mostly just a bait. It wasn’t the first time in my teaching career that girls had done this sort of thing and I was usually able to ignore it, but Elizabeth had a definite effect on me. Once I had even masturbated at night to the thought of having her in bed with me, although I knew that I should never really become involved. --- That sunny Friday afternoon I was in a good mood. It had been raining every day for the past two weeks but finally the clouds had cleared away and the weather forecast predicted that the sunshine would continue on into the weekend. I was busy giving a lecture during the final class of the day, and was happy that so far the students had been listening without interruption. “Mr. Johnson?” Elizabeth called out loudly, before even raising her hand. “What is it now, Elizabeth?” I asked. “Can we leave a bit earlier today?” she asked, “There’s concert on in town and we want to catch the bus early to find a good spot.” Despite the fact that I relished the thought of leaving early, I could hardly explain to the headmaster that I had let the class out early for something as frivolous as a concert in lieu of education. “No you can’t, Elizabeth”, I answered, “And, I would appreciate you not interrupting me while I’m talking.” “Smack me!” she said defiantly under her breath, but loudly enough for me to hear. “What’s that supposed to mean?” I asked angrily. “It’s an expression.” She replied, sighing heavily and flopping backwards in her chair like a spoilt brat. I didn’t like her attitude one bit. I suspected that she might start sulking again, but I had already decided that I would not partake in looking up her skirt, because that would be exactly what she expected. I reached into the desk drawer to take note of her 18th violation. “Not again!” Elizabeth moaned, “Why do you always pick on me?” “I don’t always pick on you, Elizabeth.” I said sternly “You put yourself into these situations. In fact, not only will you not leave early, but I want to have a word with you after class.” After I had jotted down the details of her latest outburst in my notebook, Elizabeth started sulking as I had suspected. I tried to ignore her as best as I could by looking over her head toward the back of the class, though I did glance at her once to see if my suspicions were confirmed, and sure enough her head was in her hands and her panties were on full display. For the rest of the lesson I kept my eyes away from her and there were no further interruptions. At 4:30 pm the bell rang, and with my permission the students filed quietly out of the class, except Elizabeth who sat there still sulking and waiting for me to talk to her. I told her to pull up a chair and sit down opposite me at my desk. --- For the first twenty minutes I told her about all my observations; the fact that she was generally a good student, with above average exam scores, and that she could have a bright future if that’s what she wanted. I also told her about the violations, citing each one and why it was considered bad behavior. I even brought up the subject of her sexual provocation, feeling brave enough to approach the topic without letting her know that it had turned me on. After all, she would soon be leaving school and despite me getting a kick out of it, I sincerely hoped that she would not go out into the world thinking that one can survive just by making sexual advances. Elizabeth listened mostly without comment, although she did look at her watch a few times while I spoke, obviously thinking about her classmates and friends on their way to the concert. She seemed to be taking my words seriously, nodding every now and then and looking somewhat ashamed of the trouble she had caused. As I was closing my notebook and about to let Elizabeth leave, the school janitor came into the classroom, letting me know that we were the last people in the building, and asked me if I would kindly lock the doors before I left. I let him know that we would be finished shortly and wished him a great weekend. Just after the janitor left, Elizabeth stood up, looked at me defiantly, and repeated her wo
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rds from earlier that day. “Smack me!” she said. “Elizabeth, you told me earlier that it was an expression.” I said, “What exactly does it mean?” I suspected it was something like “Bite me”, or “Whatever”, or one of those other awful teenage sayings, but I wanted her to explain before jumping to any conclusions. “You know, spank my bottom.” Elizabeth continued, “It’s the only way to get me to behave.” I looked at her and saw that she was quite serious; her head was bowed, her hands held together in front of her skirt, the toes of her shoes turned inwards. She looked like she expected me to punish her. “Elizabeth, I’m not going to spank you.” I told her. “You’re old enough to manage yourself and besides, you should know that corporal punishment had been banned in all schools throughout the UK for several years.” “You wouldn’t be man enough to do it, even if it wasn’t banned.” She jeered. She turned her head around and poked her tongue out at me tauntingly before strutting off.My temperature rose immediately upon hearing and seeing such impudence, especially her threat to my manhood. I stood up and ran swiftly around the desk to catch her before she escaped. Just as she was about to reach the for the door handle, I lurched forward and smacked her firmly on the left butt cheek with my right hand. Whack! The sound echoed throughout the room. I instantly knew that I was in trouble and that I had just broken the law. My only defense was that she had asked for it, although it would have been my word against hers if she had decided to press charges. Elizabeth stopped in her tracks, looked down and lifted the back of her skirt to inspect the damage to her buttocks. She pulled her little cotton panties to one side, exposing her left buttock and a tiny rosy mark where my hand had struck her. “That was pathetic!” she sneered. “Can’t you do any better than that?” It seemed that there was no stopping her once she got started. She had taken control of me, knowing exactly which buttons to push. There was no way that I would allow this young girl to suggest that I wasn’t up to the task of being a man, and if that meant showing her that I was capable of giving her a good spanking, then that is what I would prove. The world around me moved in slow motion. I grabbed her by the arm and pushed her upper body over the top of the desk, unzipped the back of her skirt and pulled it down, exposing her panty-clad bottom. My arm no longer seemed attached to my body as I watched my hand swinging back and forth, striking her buttocks sharply multiple times through the light-blue cotton material. All thoughts of consequences had left my mind, my only focus now being to teach her a serious lesson. While I stood over her smacking her vigorously, Elizabeth was letting everything happen. She had hardly moved and wasn’t making any sound. The only noticeable sign from her during those couple of minutes was the growing wet patch in her panties, darkening the cotton material around her crotch. At each strike it grew a little larger, until I saw little droplets of her juices starting to trickle down her inner thighs. I pulled her panties down between her knees, exposing the bright red marks left by my hand on her buttocks. Then I looked down and saw that the gusset of her panties was completely soaked and sticky. It was at that point that I realized my cock was straining in my pants. My anger had turned into sexual excitement somewhere along the way. I stopped spanking her, and she began to cry softly. “Go and stand in the corner,” I told her. I had expected her to pull up her panties and put on her skirt, but instead she kicked them off before walking slowly to the side of the blackboard and stood facing the wall. I picked them up and threw them on the desk before sitting down. As she stood there with her back to me I watched Elizabeth sobbing quietly and dressed in only her white blouse and shoes. Despite my feelings of guilt for what had just happened and the knowledge of potential legal consequences, the sight of her standing there at my command was extremely arousing. I picked up her panties and held the gusset up to my nose. The scent of my dear Elizabeth’s pussy filled me. I had always wanted to know how it felt to be close to her, and that was the nearest that I ever expected to reach. I inhaled a few more times, knowing that I would remember that moment forever. I put her panties back down on the desk, and told her that she should get dressed. Elizabeth turned around, the tears still running down her face. I tried not to look as she stepped toward the desk, her sweet little shaved pussy on full display beneath the front of her blouse. I stood up and moved away to let her get dressed in peace, but she followed me and threw her arms around me. “I’m sorry!” she wailed, “I’ve been really bad.” “Yes, you’ve been bad.” I said quietly, “But, you’ve been punished now, and hopefully you’ve learned your lesson.” Elizabeth clung tightly to me, her arms around my waist and her head resting on my shoulder. I held her head in my hand, stroking her hair to comfort her. The feeling of her soft breasts pressing against my chest, the smell of her clean golden-brown hair, and knowing that she was naked from the waist down was exhilarating. We held on to each other for several minutes. “No, you can’t!” I whispered, feeling Elizabeth’s hand reaching for the belt of my pants. “But I want to,” she said insistently, stepping back and unfastening the buckle. Before I could even begin to contemplate the mess I was in, Elizabeth pulled down my pants and started sucking my cock like there was no tomorrow. She gobbled me whole, taking the full length of my shaft into her delicate little mouth. The head of my cock felt like it must have been halfway down her throat while she vacuumed me into her with great intent. I was about to explode. Elizabeth looked up at me, her dark blue eyes wild with passion. She literally tore off her blouse and bra to reveal her beautiful C-cup breasts in all their glory, her perky nipples erect as she continued to devour my meat. I practically had to pull her off me. I would have gladly cum in her mouth, but I wanted more. I bent down and took her by the arms, lifting her into a standing position, and then bent her over the desk. This time I wouldn’t spank her, but instead I pushed my cock between her buttocks into her dripping pussy, holding her around the waist and pumping in and out while she moaned with pleasure. I grabbed her butt cheeks with both hands, pushing deep inside her. Her pussy held tightly around my shaft, squeezing me as I built momentum. Within a minute she started bucking and pressing her butt cheeks hard against my thighs. “I’m coming!” she cried out. Just as I felt her pussy contracting in orgasm, my cock swelled and my balls tightened. We shook violently as we came in unison, her juices oozing out of her pussy while I shot a huge stream of cum deep inside her. Elizabeth stood up and we held each other for several minutes, kissing and stroking each other at the joy of those shared moments. Something special had happened between us. “I think I’d better leave”, she said “The others will be waiting.” Elizabeth got dressed and left. I sat there for a while, contemplating the events and hoping that I wouldn’t get into trouble. Then I locked the doors to the school, and went home for the weekend. --- About two weeks later, I learned that Mr. Patterson, the history teacher, had been fired. Apparently he had been caught with Elizabeth after school hours, her skirt and panties around her ankles, him smacking her buttocks and telling her that he was going to teach her how to behave like a decent young woman.

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