Morning sex with ejaculation in the vagina

Morning sex with ejaculation in the vagina

Just to recap. Phil met Helene on a ferry journey to work one day. They had sex on their second date and moved in together shortly after. Helene is bi and has a lesbian girlfriend. Lisa and Phil have agreed to have an open relationship, allowing both of them to have other lovers. After Helene’s gangbang, we didn’t have sex for a few days because she wasn’t sure she could cope with any while her body recovered.We did talk about it though.When I mentioned that she had now achieved her second fantasy of a threesome, she disagreed.“When I said I wanted a threesome I meant with you and another man.” She said. “What I had was a gangbang, not a threesome.”I couldn’t argue with that.Over the next week, things got back to normal, but I was aware of phone calls, texts and even a meeting between Helene and Serena. Initially, Helene wouldn’t say what about, although she did say it wasn’t about Derek or his mates.One morning Helene told me she was going to Serena’s from work but wouldn’t be too late home. That same day at work I was due to give blood at work. We have the Transfusion Service come in once a year as many offices do.My appointment was at eleven o'clock, so I duly went to the allocated room. I was met by a lovely young lady, who greeted me with a great smile. Her name was Jo according to her badge. She wasn't tall, I guess about five-foot-four-inches, with curly hair down to her shoulders and she wore glasses. I only mention the glasses because I don’t think I have ever been drawn to a  woman wearing glasses, although some have had to wear them occasionally. I have nothing against them, but that’s just the way things have worked out.Jo was the person taking my blood which gave me a chance to have a good look at her, and I looked for opportunities to flirt.I asked her to hold my hand, she just smiled but didn’t. When she finally unhooked me she got me a cuppa, and as the morning list had now finished she stood by me to chat, so I must have made some impact.I think the main reason I was drawn to her was her natural smile and the fact that she obviously loved her job. She only looked about sixteen, but I knew she must be much older to do this job.As It got to the time I should be leaving; I knew I had to be bold if I was to have any luck.“Great to chat with you Jo, and if you would like to chat more give me a call,” and with that, I passed her my business card. She looked at it and smiled.“Nice chatting with you too Phil and I will think about it.” She put the card in the breast pocket of her uniform, and I turned and walked to the door. As I opened it I turned, and she was still looking at me, and we smiled at each other. I knew then that there was a good chance she would call me.Helene got home about eight o'clock, smiling more than usual.“I’ve got something to show you.” She said. She got me to sit down and then she stood in front of me and raised her skirt. She wasn’t wearing any underwear, but there was a new piercing at the top of her slit.“Wow,” I said.“Do you like it?” Helene asked.“Yes, I do.”“Good, because there is more to come over the next couple of weeks. Serena asked me if I wanted more piercings and when I said yes she told me she wanted to try something on me that she had seen in a magazine, and I agreed. So all will be revealed in due course.”“That sounds very interesting.”“I can't wait to show you the complete effect.”“Anyway,” I went on, “I have some news for you!”I told Helene about Jo, and she was delighted.“Has she called you yet?”“No, but there is no rush. I guess my biggest problem will be telling her about our relationship and explaining that you are happy for me to meet other women.”“If necessary I will speak to her personally.”“Thank you, my love.”“I want you to have as much fun as me, so am very happy to help.”Jo didn’t ring that evening or the next day, so I thought she had decided not to. But on Thursday, while Helene was out with Lisa, my phone rang.“Hi,” was my brief response to answering an unknown number.“Hi. Is that Phil?”“Yes it is, who is that?”“Phil, it's Jo. We met the other day when you gave blood.”I started to smile. “Jo, yes. Great to hear from you. I was beginning to think you weren’t going to call.”“Sorry, I have been very busy, and I also thought whether I should call you anyway. But I decided I would.”“Good, I’m pleased you did. So would you like to meet up sometime?”“Yes, that would be nice. I am free tomorrow night if that’s ok?”“That would be great.”We arranged when and where chatted a few minutes about not much in particular and then ended the call. When Helene came home, she immediately knew something had happened. “Why do you look so happy?”“Well, Jo called, and we are meeting tomorrow night.”“That’s great Phil, well done. I am so pleased for you.”We spoke more about my forthcoming date and how to handle the open relationship question. I didn’t want to lie to Jo, but telling the truth would not be easy. The next evening I arrived by taxi at the wine bar in Jo’s neighbourhood just before eight o’clock. I waited for a couple of minutes before I saw her walking down the road towards me. She waved when she noticed me looking.As she approached me, I spoke.“Hi Jo, you look gorgeous.”She had her usual fantastic smile, “Thanks, Phil. You look very handsome.”I leant into her and kissed her cheek.“I hope you haven’t been waiting long?” she asked as I opened the door for her.“No, no, only a couple of minutes. You are very prompt.”“Good.”I bought drinks at the bar, and we found a settee at the back of the bar where it was quiet. The other day when I first saw her, I knew she was very pretty, naturally pretty, with no makeup, but tonight with makeup on, she looked stunning. She had kept her hair curly and free-flowing down to her shoulders. She had a few freckles on her nose, and I did love her glasses! Her lipstick wasn’t too bold but added a lovely colour.She wore a blue and white off the shoulder blouse, which for the first time allowed me to see she had probably C Cup boobs. Down below she wore skin-tight designer jeans which showed off her hips and bum as I noticed as we walked away from the bar.“So Jo, last night on the phone you said you had been thinking whether or not you should call me. So why did you have difficulty in deciding and what made you decide to call in the end?”“Well, I regularly get propositioned at work by the donors and usually say no or ignore them because I don’t like mixing work with pleasure and you cant normally judge how nice someone is when they are giving blood. With most men, as well it's just flirting, they aren’t really serious, but with you..." She paused.“Go on,” I said, thinking maybe she was trying not to embarrass herself.“You seemed as though you meant it and when you gave me your card. It showed me that you were serious. Oh and you were, are, quite good looking.” She smiled but also looked down at the floor.“Only quite good looking?” I laughed.“Sorry, I didn’t mean to be rude.”“That’s ok. I guess you don’t want me getting too big-headed.”Jo looked at me and smiled.“True.”“I must admit I find you very attractive Jo, especially your smile. It's strange but I don’t think I have ever been attracted to a woman before who wears glasses. Don’t know why, but you look great in yours.”“Thanks, Phil.”I discovered Jo was twenty-six, living in her own flat not far from the wine bar we were in. When I told her I was thirty-six, she said.“I thought you were quite a bit older than me, and that’s another reason why I delayed in calling you, but then thought age isn’t that important is it?”“No, I don’t think so. I must admit I thought you looked sixteen, although I knew you couldn’t be, doing that job.”“So Phil what are you looking for in a relationship?”“Aha, the big question. I hope this isn’t where you end up walking out on me, never to be seen again.”“No, I wouldn’t do that to you, just be honest with me and you never know, we might both want the same.”“True. Well, I am not looking for a long-term relationship at the moment, just looking to meet lovely women or a lovely woman to have fun times with.”“That sounds like a dating website code for wanting a woman for no strings attached sex.”“Oh dear sorry about that, but sex is part of the “fun” I guess.""Certainly, sex should be fun. If it isn’t fun then move on!”“What about you Jo, are you looking for a long-term relationship?”“Ultimately yes but I am not bothered at the moment so we could have something in common,” She smiled and then continued. “I have to ask this because of your age. You're not married are you Phil?”So the big question had arrived, indirectly, but it was there, and I had to deal with it honestly.“No, but...” Jo looked confused, and I went on, “let me explain completely before you reply.Jo sighed, her smile disappeared, but she replied, “okay”.“I am living with a woman, and yes we are in love, but we have an open relationship. So we allow each other to see other partners as long as we tell each other about it, and she does know I’m meeting you tonight. I know it's unusual but we like it, and it works for us. So is this where you walk out on me?”“Not quite but it gives me more thinking to do and questions I would like answering, if that’s okay?”“Yes, of course.”“So where is your partner tonight?”“She was at home when I left, but she was trying to meet up with her girlfriend if possible.”“When you say girlfriend, you mean what exactly?”“She is bisexual, so yes it is a girlfriend and not a friend who is a girl.”“I see. Are you bisexual Phil?”“No.”“Wow, I wasn’t expecting to hear all this when I agreed to meet you.”“I guess not. Sorry, Jo. I just felt I should be upfront with you from the word go.”“Well thank you for that, Phil.”We sat there quietly for a while then Jo spoke again.“How do I know that your partner is happy for you to meet other women?”“If you like you can ask her yourself, on the phone or face to face.”“Wow, I guess that means you are serious about me then, but not sure I would want to meet my prospective boyfriend’s partner! That would seem weird.”“Yes, it does but the offer is there, and yes I am serious about you.”“Thanks.”More silence while we drank our drinks.“I am just popping to the ladies', Phil, for time to think.”“Assuming you are coming back would you like another drink?”“Yes, I will come back and yes please to the drink.”So I went to the bar while Jo went to the Ladies and she was gone a long time. A lot of thinking to do I guess. She did come back, and she did smile when she approached.“Okay?” I asked.“Yes, I think so. Just that its a very unusual situation. I do like you Phil, and if you hadn’t told me all that I would have said yes to a second date. So my first reaction was to say 'no'. I wouldn’t want to fall in love with you and then lose you because that would hurt so much, but the second reaction is to say ‘yes' because you have at least been honest, and I know from the start where I stand with you so I shouldn’t get hurt. Well, not as much I guess.” She paused, but I stayed quiet as I thought she would continue and she did after taking a sip of her drink.“ I do like you Phil, so I have decided that yes I do want to carry on seeing you, but, and I can't believe I’m saying this, I do want to meet your partner first.”“Okay, I can sort that out.” I was surprised that she had yes but very pleased.We didn’t talk much about more about 'my partner' other than I told Jo that her name was Helene and that she was French. Instead, we spoke mostly about things we like, music, tv and films etcetera. So at least we got to know each other better. When it came to the end of the evening, it was difficult to know what to do. We ended up parting outside the bar with a hug and kiss on the cheek. When I got home, Helene was back, so we chatted about my date and texted Jo with possible time to meet up the next night. Jo quickly agreed with eight o'clock. This time the meeting place was nearer to us than Jo, but she didn’t seem to mind. The next evening Helene and I arrived a few minutes early and went inside. Jo was only a few minutes later. She looked nervous, which was understandable.“I can see why you like her, Phil,” Helene said as Jo approached us. We didn’t kiss or hug just said ‘hi’ to each other, and we found a table in the corner. I went to get drinks while the girls started chatting.It was Jo who spoke to Helene first. “ I don’t know why Phil wants me when you are such a stunning woman, Helene.”“Jo, Phil and I love each other but meeting others isn’t about love it's about fun.”“You mean sex?”“Yes, okay, sex then. It’s possible to separate love and sex, and that’s what we have done, and many others do too.”“I am not sure that’s easy to do, for me, anyway.”“Not everyone can do it, but judging by the way you are dressed tonight, you are not here just for a meeting, you are dressed to impress someone!”“I guess you are right.” Jo was wearing a very short skirt and a skimpy top with a bare midriff, not the heels like Helene would but much smaller two-inch heels on open-toed sandals.“Jo, you are gorgeous, that’s why Phil wants you, and I can confirm that he has my permission to date you. It might not be as often as you would like but I am sure he will want to see you more than just tonight.”“Thank you, Helene, for being open with me. I do want to date Phil.”“Good.”“What’s good?” I said as I finally got to the table with the drinks.It was Jo who replied. “Helene has convinced me that it’s okay for me to date you.”“That’s  great,” I replied.We carried on chatting while we drank, about general things but there was an occasional question from Jo about our relationship, such as the jealous question and how long have we been together etcetera.Once our glasses were empty, Helene got up to leave.“Right, I will leave you two to get to get to know each other better.”Jo rose, and the two women hugged, and Helene whispered in Jo’s ear. “Enjoy him and have lots of fun.”Jo smiled “Thank you, Helene; I will.”Helene then turned and kissed me, and said, “See you tomorrow, my love!”“Take care, my love.” We kissed again, and Helene then left.“She is an amazing woman Phil.”“She certainly is.”“So what do we do now?” I asked.“Do you like to dance?”“Well I’m not that good, but when I am with a gorgeous woman, I am always prepared to give it ago.”“Good. Then let’s go.” With that Jo jumped up grabbed me by the hand, pulled me up and dragged me out of the pub. We hailed a taxi and Jo gave the driver the address which was near to where she lived. On the drive there, she continued to hold my hand, while she talked like an excited teenager about the place we were going to.While she talked, I noticed more the clothes she was wearing, which I hadn’t paid much attention to earlier. The skirt was black and very short especially now she was sitting in the taxi, but that gave me a better look at her legs, which I didn’t mind at all. Her strappy top was red with a scoop neckline, and it hugged her boobs, and there was no sign of a bra.She talked most of the way, but I didn’t mind because she was happy and smiling. When we arrived, the place was very busy, with some people standing outside. When we got inside Jo lead me upstairs, which was a little less crowded but was where the dance floor was. We got drinks and found a corner that was quieter.After a while chatting, where I did get to say a bit myself, Jo said, “Come on let's dance.”I didn’t get a choice, as she grabbed my hand again and pulled me up. Jo was happy to be on the dancefloor and threw herself into it. I did my best, but I was taken to watching her move to the groove, and she moved very well. She raised her arms and swayed, while her hips were gyrating. She then moved closer to me, and I placed my hands on her hips. She looked up at me and smiled, and then put her arms around my neck pulling her body closer to mine. We swayed our bodies in unison with each other and the music.As the tune changed, she turned around and proceeded to grind her body against mine. She must have felt my erection. Again I held on to her hips, her skin was soft and smooth, and I wanted her!We danced for some time, and there was almost constant flirting with our bodies touching most of the time.We then took a break and went to get more drinks, but then had difficulty finding two seats together, so we ended with me sitting, and Jo on my lap,
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side on to me, with her right arm around my shoulder. “You dance well for a bloke, Phil!” she said.“Thanks, I think,” I said, before adding, “I certainly loved dancing with you, but I do prefer slower dancing.”“Be patient Phil, that will come later.” She smiled and then leant in to kiss me. A first kiss is always special, and this was. It was gentle, but purposeful and only lasted a couple of seconds, but promised so much. She pulled back and locked her eyes on mine. They were dark eyes, but big and beautiful, and they were full of lust and love.She then leant in again, and this time the kiss, from both of us was longer, much longer. She soon opened her warm lips, and my tongue moved into her mouth and met her tongue. We couldn’t get enough of each other, and the kiss went on and on.My arms pulled her body closer, until her breast was squashed against my chest. At the same time, my arms roamed up and down her back but concentrated on her bare midriff and her upper back that was also bare. Her body melted under my touch.It was sometime before we broke the kiss, and when we did, we just stared into each other's eyes for a while.“You kiss better than you dance, Phil.”“I will take that as a compliment. It certainly had the wow factor.”For the next few minutes Jo continued to kiss me every few seconds, just short but tender kisses, lips to lips, no tongues, it was wonderful.I decided to see if I could move things on a little so I put my right hand on her bare leg just above the knee and as the kisses continued my hand slowly moved higher up her leg. By this time there couldn’t have been more than a couple of inches of her leg covered by her skirt before  I would have got to her knickers, assuming she was wearing any, but as I got to the hem of the skirt, she gently shook her head at me and whispered in my ear.“Later, Phil.”“You keep saying later to me.”“Don’t worry, it won't be long, and when later arrives I won't stop you doing anything!”“I will remember that and hold you to it.”“Please do.”We got up to dance again, which while breaking one lot of sexual tension, created another sort, with Jo grinding her body into me and my hands were all over her, well as much as  I could get away with. I did get my hands on her arse, and for once she didn’t stop me. It was firm but also soft if you know what I mean. She smiled at me as I squeezed her.Eventually, the slow tunes were played, and we danced as close as we could, with my head leaning against Jo’s and her hands tight around my waist. As the songs played on, my hands rested on her arse again, and surprisingly she lowered her hands to my arse, pulling our bodies even closer. While still clutching each other close she lifted her head, and we kissed, deeply. I have always loved kissing a woman on the dance floor; it is so public, so you cant hide your feelings from those around you. Little would those “spectators” know, if indeed anyone was watching us that I was actually in love with another woman and Jo was just a lover, well she would be soon.The venue wasn’t closing yet, but after several close dances, Jo whispered to me.“Let’s go.”“Does that mean it is finally 'later'?”“Very nearly Phil.” We got a cab to her flat. On the way, we kissed a lot, and I slid my hand up her leg and finally underneath her skirt, but I didn’t go all the way, I just wanted to tease her. When we arrived we entered her block of flats she turned to me as the outer door closed, and we were standing at the lifts.“I guess I have to decide now if either I invite you up to my flat, which I am sure will lead to great sex, or if I just give you a  peck on the cheek and say goodnight.” There was a glint in her eye, as she teased me.“I think you should go with the first option, because I know you want me, and  I certainly want you.”The lift “pinged” to announce its arrival.“Okay then Phil, please come up with me.”We entered the lift, and she pressed for the ten floor, so I immediately pulled Jo close and kissed her deeply, and our tongues entwined. I reached down and slid my hand up under her skirt, with no complaints. I quickly found she was wearing knickers, so all I did as she opened her legs was to rub her slit through the material, which caused her to moan.“Ping” went the lift again and we quickly but reluctantly parted. The walk to her flat was only a few yards, but we managed to kiss for much of the time.We then parted while she retrieved her keys from her handbag. As she put the key in the lock and opened the door, I fondled her arse, and Jo giggled.We fell in the door which shut behind us.“Make yourself at home while I go and have a wee.”Jo turned right into the bathroom, and I went into the lounge which she had pointed out to me. The flat was smaller than Helene’s, but it was nice with a great view over the former Olympic Park.“Great view,” I said loudly as the toilet flushed. I heard Jo approach.“Yes, it is.” She replied before adding, “I was wondering Phil will I still need these?”I turned, and she was dangling her knickers from a stretched out finger.“No, you won't Jo.”“Good.” She said, and she dropped the knickers on the floor and then went on. “Earlier when I was talking to Helene she explained to me that meeting others isn’t about love it's about 'fun' and I replied did she mean sex, and she said ‘yes’. Then when she left us she whispered to me 'have lots of fun', and she emphasised the word fun. So now Phil, it's time for fun!”I approached her, and we kissed. While doing so, I reached down and once again slid my hands under her skirt, this time finding her naked arse. Jo moaned, and our tongues fought in her mouth. I moved my right hand round to her front and discovered a smooth pussy and very wet slit. We broke our kiss.“Mmm,” I moaned, “I love a bald pussy.”“I did it last night especially for you, Phil.”“Last night? So you knew we would have sex?”“Yes. I knew I had to have you, now shut up and fuck me.”Strangely I was surprised to hear her use the word “fuck”, but like a lot of women privately they are dirtier than in public where butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths.Because her top hugged her boobs, I hadn’t yet had a good look at her, so I decided I first had to remove it and play with her perfect looking tits. I moved my hands to the bottom of the crop top and raised it. Jo raised her hands and the top soon joined the knickers on the floor. Her tits were perky and firm and her nipples, already hard, became even harder as I softly touched them.“Oh yes,” she moaned.Her nipples were obviously particularly sensitive,  so I bent down and licked them and kissed them.“Oh my god, don’t stop.” She said.So I carried on licking and sucking her nipples, always one of my favourite things to do to a woman. I was still fully dressed, and Jo still had her skirt on but I carried on, and a couple of minutes later Jo came for the first time.I reached down and felt her juices and then lifted my hand and licked the juices up.“ Oh my god, you licked my cum.”“Of course, it's lovely. Would you like some?”“If you liked it then yes, please.”It was clear that Jo had never tasted her cum before. I had a lot to teach her. I reached down and ran my fingers along her slit and then briefly dipped them inside. Long enough for her to moan but not long enough to satisfy her! I then raised my fingers to her mouth.“Lick them,” I ordered her.She looked at my fingers with eyes full of lust and inquisitiveness. After a few seconds, she opened her mouth, and I slipped my fingers inside, and she quickly ravished them, moaning. As I pulled my clean fingers out of her mouth, I leant in and kissed her, and she moaned even more. When we parted, Jo spoke.“Wow, it is lovely.”“Have you never licked your juices before?”“No, just never fancied it, but now I know what I have been missing...”We kissed again tasting her juices.“I think it's about time I undressed you, Phil; I have been wanting to see and feel what’s inside your trousers all night.”First, though she undid my shirt and slipped that off. Then she moved straight to my belt and undid the button. I then noticed her hand was shaking.“Your hand is shaking, Jo. Are you ok?”“Yes I’m fine but its been so long since I was with a man and I am so excited at being with you and seeing what’s in here.”She then unzipped me and pulled my trousers down, leaving me in just my boxers. She knelt down and stared at the big bulge.“Oh my god, it’s huge.” She said as she looked up at me.“It's not that big; there are men with much bigger.”“I might struggle with this one.”“You’ll easily take it, Jo. Take my boxers off.”She hooked her fingers into the waistband and slowly pulled them down, revealing my cock inch by inch. Her mouth was wide open. When she finally managed to close it, she spoke.“Wow, it is huge and gorgeous.”“Well, it's yours, Jo, to do with what you like after I have fucked you! Let's go to your bedroom.”Jo rose and lead me the few yards to her bedroom. I didn’t want to waste too much time in foreplay, but I did want one thing before we fucked.“Touch my cock, Jo. Hold it in your hands.”She looked up at me, then raised a hand and wrapped it around my cock.“It feels wonderful, Phil.”“Good, now wank me.”It was clear she wasn’t used to wanking a man, but she gradually moved her hand up and down, not too fast which was fine for me, I just wanted her to get used to my cock.“That’s good,” I said, “Do you like how it feels?”“Oh yes, I do.” She said in a voice full of lust.“Shall we fuck then?” I asked her.“Oh yes please, Phil.”I got her to lie on the bed, and as I climbed between her legs, I got her to raise them and put them over my shoulders. Just as the tip of my cock touched her pussy, Jo suddenly spoke.“Wait, Phil, we need a condom.”“Yes, we should,” I replied, “and I will gladly get one if you want me too, but don’t you want to feel my spunk shooting inside you?”“ What are you turning me into?”“Nothing it's your choice, Jo. Condom or bareback?”“Shit Phil. Just fuck me bareback, I can't wait any longer.”“Good girl,” I said as I finally pushed my cock into her wet cunt.“ Oh my god.” Jo moaned. “More Phil, more.”Jo had the tightest cunt I had fucked for a long time, but it felt so good to be thrusting deep into her. She grunted as each thrust bottomed out, and her feet dangling over my shoulders banged my back.She looked fantastic, she was ecstatic, her mouth wide open and the grunts kept coming. I quickened the pace which she loved. I knew this wouldn’t last long but I needed to fill her, and she needed to be filled.“Are you ready for me Jo?”“Yes Phil, cum in me, please.”My breathing quickened, and I knew that with a couple more thrusts I would explode inside her.“Jo, here it comes!”“Yes, yes, cum in me Phil.”Then I exploded and with it so did Jo. She shook her head from side to side as burst after burst of my cum splashed inside her and as she came and came again. It felt so wet I was sure she had squirted as I could feel wetness on my balls and abdomen.She lifted herself up and hugged me.“God, I love you, Phil.” I felt her body stiffen as she instantly realised what she had said. “Shit, I’m sorry Phil, I didn’t mean that. It was just so wonderful, and I loved feeling your cum shooting in me.”“It’s okay; I know what you mean. It’s much better than with a condom isn’t it?”“Yes, it is. I have never done that before, but I will again.”“Wow! I can’t believe I am your first. Why haven’t you done it before?”“I guess it’s the risk of pregnancy, and I’m not on the pill.”“You can always get the morning after pill.”“I will tomorrow but think I ought to go on the pill now so I can do that again.”“So have you not been with many men?”“No, your just number four. The first one took my virginity, it hurt, and I didn’t  enjoy it, so we split up. The second time wasn’t much better. I think we had sex twice, didn’t enjoy that either and third was a bit better in some ways but was only interested in his own satisfaction, not mine. So that didn’t last long.”“So I’m number four then.”“Yes and the best yet, by far! I am so sorry I used the “L” word.”“It’s ok; I know what its like when you're in the throws of orgasmic bliss. I once told a woman I loved her when I didn’t.”“What did she say?”“She said she had been waiting for me to say that!”“What happened then?”“Nothing. I ignored my own comment and never said it again to her, and she didn’t mention it nor did she say it to me.”“Oh dear.”We stayed in a hug for sometime swapping kisses. As I pulled out of her loads of our combined juices poured out.“My god Phil, I have never seen so much cum.”“Would you like some?”“Oh yes, please.”I reached down and scooped up as much as I could, and I fed it to Jo. She licked my fingers and then my palm, and she kept saying, “Mmmmmmmm”.When she had finished, we kissed, and I got to taste our juices.“I love it, Phil.”“Good. Well, shortly I am going to cum straight down your throat.”“Mmmmm yes, please.”I don’t recall seeing a woman as happy as Jo was. She was still in post orgasmic blissful state and looking forward to next time, and was keen to learn new stuff and the smile on her face told a story, and her eyes were still full of lust.When we were ready for round two, Jo started to play with my limp cock. As she wanked me I gave her tips as to how to do it better to give a lover the best stimulation, and she learnt quickly, bringing me to full erection quickly.“Now Jo, take me in your mouth.”“I’ve never done that before, but I will.”“She bent down and stared at my cock for a few moments from only a few inches away. She then stuck out her tongue and licked the head gently. After a couple of minutes, she opened her mouth and slipped the head inside. She then looked me.“Well done Jo. Now take it deeper.”She did, but there was still plenty outside, so I told her to hold the base of my cock and to wank and twist it. She did, and I moaned.“Yes, that’s a good girl Jo. Now raise and lower your mouth on me, so I fuck your mouth.”Again she followed my advice. She was giving me the sensations I wanted, and I knew she would be rewarded soon.“Yes, that’s it, my lover. Keep this up, and you will be rewarded very soon with a mouthful of my spunk.”Obviously, Jo couldn’t speak, but she did raise her eyebrows, I wasn’t sure whether that was in excitement or fear. So I spoke again to let her know what was expected of her.“When I give you my cum you will swallow it all. Understand?”She managed to moan and nod her head, and then she began to suck my cock harder.It wasn’t long before I was moaning and I knew my cum was on the way.“I hope you're ready Jo, because I’m about to cum.”Jo slowed up ever so lightly, and then I felt it rise, and I shot the first load into Jo’s mouth. She moaned and then again as the second load hit her. She released my cock, so only the tip was in her mouth as the next shot hit her. There were four loads in all followed by dribbles which she kissed from my cock.We both looked into each other's eyes and smiled.“Wow, well done Jo, that was fantastic.”“Mmmmm yes it was, I loved feeling your cum shoot in my mouth, and the taste is awesome.”Jo climbed up my body and laid on my chest and kissed me. I could taste my cum on her tongue. We laid together for some time, just kissing each other.“ I never knew sex could be this good, thanks, Phil.”“You're welcome, Jo. Sex is only as good as the two people taking part, and you are amazing.”“Yes, I guess you are right. Are you staying the night or are you going back to Helene?”“I’m staying the night, if you’ll have me?”“Oh I’ll have you!” and she laughed.So I stayed, and we fucked several more times, and if possible, it got better. In the morning Jo asked me, “Is this a one-off Phil, or will we see each other again?”“I would like to see you again but can't promise when or how often. Just call me when you have free time or maybe I will call you if I’m at a loose end.”“Okay, Phil.”“Just one thing Jo. Now you have discovered sex, try and find other partners, either just for sex or with the hope that you’ll find love as well. Don’t wait for me.”“No, I won’t, Phil, I promise.”  Before I went home the next morning, I went with Jo to the chemist to get the morning after pill, and she had booked an online appointment with her GP to go on birth control.We had a lovely kiss and hug before I left for home. I did hope we would have more fun together in the future.

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