Sensual Xxl With A Fat Couple Having Passionate Sex

Sensual Xxl With A Fat Couple Having Passionate Sex

The Wife and the Magician 4 “My jaws are sore, my nipples are tender, my butt is ruined and I can’t even feel my pussy,” Char wasn’t actually complaining, “I think cum is still running out of me, want to check it out?” Char raised her short skirt and Len ran his finger up her slit. “Ouch! I take it back. My pussy is sore too,” Char whined. “That’s ok, I’m going to fuck you tomorrow anyway,” Len smiled, “and yes, there is a slight leakage problem.” It was four in the morning and in the limousine with a plethora of amenities Len and Char were too tired to enjoy any of them. The ride back to the hotel was far more luxurious than the cab and a whole lot more relaxed. Back to the story. ***** Len’s suspicion was confirmed. He recognized the voice that begged entry. It was Emily at the Red’s door and Len knew for sure, one of the figures aiding the debauchery of Char was Emily's husband, John.Red looked at Len and he smiled, “It’s our friend Emily, guess this trick is on us,” Len was familiar with Emily’s lust for both sexes and Emily was a perfect example of the proverbial barroom door, she swung both ways. Emily always lusted after Char who, was cool to the female on female scene and once told Emily “I’m into dick, not dunk.” Emily’s undaunted reply was, “If you will try it and I can guarantee, I will like it.” Len found that exchange amusing and it made him think Emily would find Red to be a very enticing morsel. When Red opened the door and greeted Emily with an on the lips kiss, Len quickly came to the conclusion the whole evening was pre-planned. Emily didn’t introduce herself and neither did Red who asked, “How are we doing this evening?” This was not their first meeting and when Emily gushed, “This has been the most exciting show we’ve been to yet,” Len realized the whole evening had been a set up. He didn’t know whether to act pissed or surprised. Yet, it was somehow thrilling to think John and Emily would go to such effort. “Alright, what’s the deal?” Len feigned a little anger. Emily and Red came over to him and Emily spoke first, “Now Len, wouldn’t you like to be treated and mistreated by two horny women?” Emily pressed her oversized boobs against Len and before he could reply she asked, “Don’t I even get a “hello” kiss?” She stood on her toes and puckered up. Emily was shorter than Len’s wife Char and shorter than Red and shorter than most everybody. She barely crossed the five foot mark and looked much younger than her age. Emily’s height was compensated by her natural 36d cup breasts which, descended to a twenty-four inch waist before, flowing down to a beautiful thirty five inch ass. Her body made guys howl, say naughty things and sometimes bite their knuckles when she walked by, who wouldn't have kissed Emily?The action on the screen had heated up even more and the sounds that were piped in reached Len who was now faced with more choices. He was already approaching critical mass and the two for one deal, only added to his dilemma. Len felt sexually intoxicated. And although he could not have walked a straight line, his cock could have pointed to one. An overloaded Len now feared he would fall short on performance. He expressed his angst by saying "I'm outnumbered two-to-one, my dick is down and my head is spinning."  “We need to help you relax,” Red kneeled beside him and her hands encompassed Len’s cock and balls. Emily added, “I think I can help with that,” her short legs straddled Len, her thick lips met his and Red guided his re-surging cock into Emily’s pussy. Len had enjoyed the company of two women a couple times previously but, never two as insatiable as Red and Emily. He knew he couldn’t satisfy them even if there was three of him. Len resigned himself to doing the best he could. The girls alternated rides on Len’s cock and he mentally compared the views of their pussies as they rode him like cowgirls around an arena. Emily’s pussy displayed her copious labia that wrapped Len’s cock, lubricating him with each stroke and sent volumes of her wetness down over his scrotum. She squealed with orgasmic pleasure and came three times before she relinquished Len’s cock to Red. Emily had always been multi-orgasmic and John claimed to have once counted over thirty orgasms from Emily, in succession. Of course that event was orchestrated by several willing accomplices. Red’s pussy was tight with almost no hint of labia, and her cleavage oozed traces of his cum from their earlier coupling. Emily enhanced Red’s pleasure with aggressive tongue and finger manipulation. She worked Red’s clit while Red was impaled on Len’s cock. Red sucked air t
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hrough her teeth, rolled her eyes back, shuddered through an intense orgasm and rolled off to recover. Emily didn’t allow recovery and dove onto Red’s pussy and mouthed her until she screamed for mercy.Len was amazed he had not fired his load into either of them and he propped himself up on one elbow to watch the show. Perhaps it was the two previous rounds which allowed him staying power. He did not care. He was secretly proud. However Len was well aware Red and Emily were not finished with him. On the screen Char was getting a workout from two guys in a clothesline suck and fuck session. She was moving forward to suck and backing up to fuck with a machine-like rhythm. Char made a garbled sound as her mouth engulfed cock in one direction and a grunt moaning sound as she backed into the thrusting cock with her cunt. Char did not lack stimulation as two more men were helping themselves to her. One massaged her tits and the other was kneeled to suck on her toes. Len’s view was suddenly blocked by Emily’s pussy as she assumed a sixty-nine position and proceeded to work on his member. “Raise up,” Red wanted to slip a pillow under Len’s butt. As soon as he complied and she dropped out of sight between his legs. Out of sight was not out of mind or out of action. Len felt her warm mouth wrap around his balls. This whole operation lasted less than ten minutes. Len was left completely devoid of any ammunition. He had fired his last shot for the evening and drifted off watching Char’s ongoing performance on the screen. ***** Giggling girls and a knock on Red’s door brought Len back to consciousness. Red and Emily were drinking wine and sharing stories or maybe comparing notes when the sound of Char’s voice got everyone’s attention. A slightly tipsy Red rhymed, “Come on in, the wine is fine, your husband is done, we hope you don’t mind!” More giggling ensued as who Char had been used every way possible staggered in. She looked used and added a little of her own humor, “Good thing, I’m pretty fucking tired myself. All those other fuckers are asleep,” Char continued, “The score is Char four and those fuckers three.” “Three?” Red and Emily questioned simultaneously. “Yeah, they got my mouth, my pussy and my ass and I got four dicks, game over, I win!” Char threw her hands up like, a referee signaling a touchdown. Len shook his head and chuckled, “You didn’t keep score in touchdowns, field goals and safeties?” “I lost track of touchdowns and field goals but, I can tell you there were no safeties,” Char smiled and the others laughed. Red, Emily and Char split the rest of a bottle of wine and Len had one more beer. The first evening of entertainment had come to an end but, the vacation was not over. Another knock on Red’s door, “We are going to run out of room here if many more show up,” Red mused. It was a chauffeur hired by the magician, “Your transportation waits outside, no hurry.” Red acknowledged, “They will be along shortly.” Len and Char got dressed and after several kisses and happy and satisfied parting hugs, were exchanged. Emily said she would find John and they might possibly meet for brunch. It was three-forty-five in the morning and very doubtful anyone would be up for breakfast. ***** Once they were in the limousine Char leaned on Len and with a little hint of guilt in her voice, “I’ve been such a whore tonight, do you still want me?” “Babe, you know I love it when you are slutty. Tonight really was the best show ever,” Len gave her a deep kiss and commented, “You taste like wine and cum. I hate to admit it but, I guess that makes me a cocksucker, by proxy. From now on, when you have been sucking cocks, I think you will need to use mouthwash before I kiss you.” Char rubbed her face, “My jaws are sore, my nipples are tender, my butt is ruined and I can’t even feel my pussy,” she wasn’t really complaining, “I think cum is still running out of me, want to check it out?” Char raised her short skirt and Len ran his finger up her panty-less slit. “Ouch! I take that back. My pussy is sore to,” Char whined. “That’s ok, I’m going to fuck you tomorrow anyway,” Len smiled, “and yes, there is a slight leakage problem.” ***** When they arrived at the hotel a doorman handed Len a large envelope, “Mr. White, your room has been upgraded to a suite, with a view. We hope you don’t mind. We have also moved your belongings.” Len and Char looked at each other before Char spoke, “What is this all about?” “Arrangements were made in your behalf. That is all I know.” He then said, “In the envelope you will find some bonuses. We hope they will make your visit a very memorable one.”

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