Xxl Porn Movies With Adela Sucking Her Like No One Else

Xxl Porn Movies With Adela Sucking Her Like No One Else

I knew you weren’t good with money when I met you – you were too generous, too quick to buy me gifts, too fast to pull out your wallet. However, the day we sat down together over a coffee to tell me how broke we were, still came as a huge surprise to me. I had believed you when you said that we were OK, that we still had enough money to make rent. What I never would have guessed or believed possible, was your suggestion, your grand idea. You wanted to lend me to your boss for the night. I could feel the blood draining from my face. How could you possibly mean it? Surely you were kidding? But you weren’t…you had already made the arrangement. We arrived at your boss’s office together. My anger at you was obvious - my resentment at being pimped out by my own lover. But I knew that I had to do something, I had to help. Your boss was sitting on his leather chair, leaning back, relaxed when we entered the room. His office was everything I thought it would be – cheap furniture, sleazy calendars, chipped tea mugs. What I hadn’t been expecting was for him to have a companion standing close by. His security guard, a large black man with a mean expression, grinned at me and I knew that there wasn’t going to be one man using my body, there would be two. You realized quickly what was going to happen. You gave a strangled “No,” and started to take my hand to pull me out of the room. The security guard moved quicker than I would have thought possible for a man of his bulk. He pushed you into the chair, his large hand on your shoulder, keeping you still. “You ready to be fucked by a proper cock?” your boss asked me, a wicked grin on his face. I couldn’t speak an answer. I could only look at you, trying to see your reaction to what was happening in front of your eyes. You tried to pull away from the security guard, obviously hoping to get us both out of that office, back to the safety of our home. But it was to no avail. Your boss unzipped his pants and pulled out a semi hard cock that was longer and much thicker than your cock. You resisted even more, knowing I couldn’t take that monster sized cock. I was worried - how I could I take this cock? How much would it hurt? I looked at you, being held away from me, restrained. You looked worried too. The security guard holding you nodded to your boss, who had his cock in his hand. He was stroking himself, making his cock harder. Bigger. Thicker. Your boss’s hand continued to pull at his cock. He then stood up and walked toward me. As he pushed his body against mine, I could smell him, clean and fresh. It surprised me, I wasn't expecting a good fragrance. His dick was still in his hand when he turned to you and said; "You’ve her ass in the past. You’ve bragged about how tight it is often enough to us. Now to see if you are telling the truth.” I was horrified at the thought of you discussing out love life, our sex life, with anyone. I could feel my body bristle with indignation. Your boss showed no indication that his words had sent a dart of disbelief through me. Instead he told me to strip, and quickly. I quickly pulled off my clothes, aware that my body has not been prepared for this. My legs needed to be shaved and I knew I could do with getting my bikini line waxed. This didn’t bother your boss – instead he motioned for me to lie on the floor. I quickly complied. “Legs spread, on your back, ” he ordered. Again, I obeyed. But I could feel my attitude changing. I was still scared, but that familiar pull in my pussy was beginning. I couldn’t possibly want this, could I? He stood above me, his jeans open at the crotch, his cock rising above his body. It was huge, bigger than anyone I had had before. I could feel my mouth watering, I just couldn’t believe that I wanted this as much as I did. He bent down to inspect me, pulling my ass cheeks apart. My ass felt tight, the brown star sealed closed. What your boss didn’t know was that, you had fucked my ass only an hour previously. Your cum was everywhere and my pussy was glistening with my own juices. He smiled. "See how turned on she was for this guy!" he said to his mate, surprised. “Let's really get her cunt flowing" and he thrust himself into me. I shrieked in surprise. My ass had not been prepared, it had closed up again and this guy was HUGE. My ass felt as if it were on fire, all I could feel was pain. I just wanted to curl up. He didn’t let me - instead he kept pushing inside me till he was in me to the hilt, his balls resting against my ass. He whispered in my ear “How does it feel to have a REAL cock in that cunt?" I didn’t answer, I didn’t want you to hear my truthful answer - if felt good now that the pain had started to pass. I was truly filled. He leisurely began to fuck my ass, pulling out a little, slowly, then pushing in HARD and quick, only to repeat this. I could see you from where I was lying and I was horrified to see how turned on you are by all this. The man holding you was hardly having to touch y
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ou - you were both watching what was happening across the room. The security guard realized this, unzipped his pants, whipped his cock out and began to stroke himself, readying his cock for some action. Your boss was still in my ass fucking me. He looked at you both and realized that you were turned on by what you were seeing…your lover being fucked by someone she didn’t know. He gestured for you both to come closer to us. "Choose a hole," he said to his friend, whose black cock, whilst smaller than the one in my ass, was thicker and bigger than you. "I want her mouth" he grinned. A clean thick black cock was presented to me and I opened my mouth to accept my fate. You were watching, in awe of their size. Your cock was hardening, needing something. "Fuck her cunt" the guy in my ass said to you, sounding exasperated, as if he couldn’t believe you haven't thought of that yourself. You crawled under me, trying not to touch the black guy, but eager for my pussy...your pussy. You lined it up to my cunt and plunge in, hard, ready. I gasped...the cock I loved most in the world was inside me.. Your cock and balls were ready, you were so turned on by this. You were thrusting with the guy in my ass, in sync, a natural rhythm. You could see me being face fucked. You wanted to give me pleasure too, I think you were trying to say sorry for getting me involved in this mess. I was confused - all my holes were filled, by ass was splitting. Those men were so much bigger and thicker than you and they were turning me on. I could feel my juices, beginning to drip down my pussy onto your cock. I was moaning loudly. "The bitch is loving it!" your boss laughed. The second guy was thrusting into my mouth, ready to shoot his load. I had to do no work at all to make this happen – none of the usual slurping and licking, squeezing and kissing I usually do to you, to make you cum in my mouth. I squeezed my pussy so your cock could feel it...I was now ready for you to cum. My mouth felt so full - balls slapping against my chin. I was so fucking wet. I couldn’t believe I was turned on by all of this. The cock in my ass felt incredible. Its thickness took over my body. The feeling as it forced its way in and out of my ass. My juices were running out of my pussy and your cock used them as lube to make it all easier. Your boss, aware that I was now turned on by this orgy of fucking, pulled his cock out of me completely. I heard a pop and my ass was left gaping. “Look at this hole!” your boss exclaimed. “See how much it can take!” You looked at what he had done to me, how my ass gaped, how it moved gently, trying to get itself back to its normal size. “Tell him how if feels to be fucked properly” your boss growled at me, as his hand suddenly spanked my ass. “Good,” I groan. Because it felt good. Too good. “Tell him more!”. “It feels incredible,” I gasped. “Thick, hard. Oh, fuck, oh.” I was unable to talk because your boss had forced his amazing tool back inside me and was now fucking my ass in a frenzy. He was groaning and heaving into me. You were the first to explode - you, my lover. I was glad it iwas you, my lover, cumming inside my pussy. You shot deep inside. This made my body convulse, which made the guy in my ass thrust harder, faster, deeper. Fuck it hurt, lover, but I was so turned-on...so ready for this. He began to shoot inside me, huge ropes of cum. The man in my mouth pushed deeper, making me gag. His cum filled my mouth - his spunk dribbling out of me. I was so close – you had all cum and I was left hanging. I could feel spunk everywhere, my ass, my pussy, my face. My pussy was clenching and you alone knew what to do. You pushed the softening black cock out of my mouth, ignore the juices on my face and begin to kiss me, your tongue invading my mouth. You could taste spunk that was not yours as your tongue searched for mine. You sucked hard as you reached between us with your clever fingers, feeling for your cock and my clit. You touched it, caressed it, your tongue playing with mine, and that was all I needed. I could feel my toes curl and my feet stretch as my climax started. "Baby, lover,” I groaned as I gripped the 2 cocks inside me, milking them as my body convulsed with pleasure. We lay there in silence. I could feel your heart beat, as it returned to normal. There was cum everywhere – on my face, in my mouth, in my pussy, dripping out of my ass, on my fanny. I pulled away from all of you – I felt the cock in my ass slip out and felt that empty sensation that you are left with when your ass has been truly buggered. Your cock slipped out of my pussy too. I was left empty. I stood up and picked up my clothes with as much dignity as I could muster. I pulled them on quickly and left the room without looking at anyone. I was aware that I have been pimped by the man I love. I knew I should feel ashamed, angry, annoyed. But I didn’t. I hoped you would continue to spend your money so that you would have to do it again to me soon.

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