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Fat Cumshots With Cumshots In Her Pussy Does Not Like Cock But Has Nothing To Do

IntroductionMonths had passed since our first call, and in that time our conversations had become bolder, more explicit.  I’d slowly fallen into the role of his submissive – his good girl – and he effortlessly took it on with a perfectly balanced combination of strict and soft.  Even then, we were determined to keep at least our first meeting as vanilla, to know each other properly before we pushed our boundaries.  He’d confided to me weeks before that this would be his first time for, well, everything.  It wouldn’t be mine but I was hardly experienced either. We were friends before anything else, after all.  Ch.02I checked the clock on my office wall every few minutes in the vain hope that hours had passed without my notice; alas, excited anticipation forced the hands to move infinitesimally slowly, and the subtle click of the second arm teased me with its slow, inevitable beat.  I could barely concentrate on my work – my legs bounced restlessly, and as the end of the day drew closer, my hands began to shake slightly.  My blazer sat long forgotten on the back of my chair and the window had been open all day as I prayed for the cool air to relieve my flushed skin.It really didn’t help that he’d been teasing me.  His trip down had involved a circuitous train ride which gave him ample time to text me – some gently rebuking me for being so distracted, others were promises of passionate kisses and teasing caresses.Never before or since have I shot out of the door of my office so quickly as that afternoon.  It was a pleasantly warm day with bright blue summer skies marred only by mere whispers of cloud.  The gentle breeze that stopped the heat becoming overbearing lifted tendrils of unruly hair that had escaped from my appropriate-for-work ponytail.  The trees were in full summer bloom, a riot of green and rich mahogany.  This beauty, I ignored, so anxious was I about the next few hours.I arrived at the station with maybe ten minutes to spare.  My skirt’s hem teased my thighs as I paced, biting my lip, fiddling with my phone – anything to ease my racing mind.  The disembodied mind the gap voice announced the arrival of his train and, a few minutes later, a familiar man stepped through the turnstiles.  That shock of dark hair that I was aching to run my fingers through.  Beautiful blue eyes.  I waved him over and bit my lip to stop a stupid grin plastering my face.“Hi.” I was slightly breathless.“Hi.” We stared at each other.  I had the unnerving feeling of simultaneously being completely comfortable in his presence and utterly clueless.“Shall we..?” I said, gesturing at the station door.  We walked in comfortable silence for a few minutes, neither sure how to break the ice.  By the time I was fumbling with my house keys, however, we were chatting away as we usually did.My key clicked in the front door, that satisfying noise so familiar to getting home from a long day.  And Goddess had it been a long one.“Do you want a hand?” I asked as Nathan carried his hefty duffel bag up the communal stairs and down the magnolia corridor to my front door.  I got a slightly sarcastic smirk in return. I rolled my eyes and opened my door, hanging my bag in its usual spot and shrugging off my blazer.I heard a clunk and a relieved sigh as Nathan dropped his bag on the cold wood floor. “Put things wherever.  I need a shower, won’t be too long though.  Get comfy,” I smiled.  I grabbed my towel off the back of the bedroom door and headed into the bathroom.  I heard the creak of my living room floorboards and background chatter from the telly.  Flicking the shower button, the bathroom began to steadily fill with warm steam.  I stripped completely naked, luxuriating in the feeling of my breasts being released from their tight confines. I glanced in the mirror to see that my make-up had smudged slightly, the black mascara giving me panda eyes.  I pulled my long hair out from its ponytail, the dark waves falling below my shoulders in an unkempt mess.  I had a quick glance around, making sure I had everything, but I was missing a hair towel.In my rush to get in the shower I’d left my hair towel in the bedroom.  Cursing, I wrapped the large towel around myself, somehow still shy about showing anything off.  My legs were bared to mid-thigh, and the towel gaped down at the back, showing my skin down to the tops of my ass.“Sorry!” I called, “Won’t be long!”I caught a vaguely embarrassed glance down the hallway before shutting the door firmly.I dropped the towel and stepped into the hot water.  An involuntary moan escaped my lips as the muscles in my shoulders instantly relaxed.  Working on autopilot, I shampooed my hair and began rubbing coconut shower gel into my body.  I worked slowly and methodically, rubbing each muscle group until I felt the knots release.  The combination of hot steam and my now-relaxed muscles had made me slightly sleepy, almost drunk on my tiredness.  It had been a long week at the office. Once I’d washed off the soapy lather, I began rubbing deliciously soft in-shower moisturiser into my skin.This time, I wasn’t so methodical.My hands drifted from ankle to calf and up to mid-thigh.  The feeling of my own hands on my heat-pink skin caused a fluttering in my stomach, and I knew I was arousing myself.  Before I got too carried away, I began rubbing the cream into my arms.  The backs of my hands brushed my nipples.  The fluttering turned into an insistent throb and I felt a rush of wetness to my pussy.  I shifted my attentions to my soft belly, allowing my hands to tease my breasts and the tops of my thighs in gentle circles.  I wouldn’t touch my wetness just yet… that was Nathan’s job.  I blushed at the thought. When I decided I’d had enough of the teasing, I turned my shower into a blast of freezing cold water.  My nipples became painfully hard and the cold made me gasp, but the little adrenaline rush was just what I needed to wake me up a bit.Wrapping myself in the towels, I exited the room.  “Shower’s free!” I called.“Could you have taken any longer?” Nathan responded with a lopsided, sarcastic smile.With my usual sophistication and wit, I responded: “Umm, shut up.”I dried myself off and dressed in a pair of deep purple shorts and a camisole top; my nipples dented the fabric.  Not necessarily the sexiest combination, but definitely comfortable.  I plonked myself on a sofa and tucked my legs underneath myself while I waited for Nathan to finish up in the bathroom.  I absentmindedly fiddled with my phone.He re-appeared a few minutes later, shirtless, still rubbing his hair dry.  Dark hair covered his chest and formed a nice trail down, disappearing under the waistband of his-“Starry pyjamas?” I asked wryly, one eyebrow raised and a smirk plastering my features.  “What are you, ten? Or is it just that no one has taste up north?”“Shut up, they’re comfortable,” Nathan replied, yanking a t-shirt over his head.  I can’t deny that I was more than a little disappointed at the disappearance of his chest.“I have no objections, wear what you like.  I can’t work out whether it’s cute or you look ridiculous, is all.” We grinned at each other and he sat next to me.  We were both acutely aware of my bare thigh against him.  Awkward silence permeated the room, getting louder with every second.  It’s easy to be confident and slutty when that person isn’t actually in front of you.Resolutely staring at the screen, I tangled his long fingers in mine and squeezed gently and leaned my head against his shoulder.  I felt us both relax; honestly, the gentle cuddling felt so good. “This is… really nice,” Nathan murmured.  I looked up to find his lips only a few inches from my own.  The air crackled with electricity, and without thinking about it, his lips pressed against mine in an endlessly sweet kiss filled with patient promise.  We both pulled back with shy smiles.  “Not bad for your first one,” I whispered, feeling a little lightheaded.  “Can we do that again?”“Christ’s sake, Evy,” Nathan growled.  I only had time to let out a startled oomph before I was captured in an impassioned embrace of soft, lips on mine.and firm hands.  Honestly, my mind went entirely blank for split second, before Nathan's short-circuited as his arms wound around my waist and pulled me close.  I couldn’t help but moan quietly when he bit my bottom lip.  I kissed him back as good as I got. I matched his enthusiasm, reciprocating the delicious pressure from his tongue and running my fingers through his thick, dark hair.  I had absolutely no intention of holding anything back.I pulled back a sec and let out a nervous giggle. The heat rose in my cheeks and I couldn’t look him in the face.  Nathan let out a deep breath, determinedly ignoring the somewhat-obvious erection tenting those ridiculous star pyjamas.I let out a shaky breath. “Well, um, that was fun,” I stammered.  I could feel my heart hammering in my chest. “Good to know you approve.  Can we do that again?” His echoing my earlier question made me smile. There was a momentary pause, heavy with implication, where Nathan grinned sheepishly at me.  He grabbed my hand as pulled me to straddle his lap; my shorts rode up high on my legs exposing more of the pale, soft skin.  When I leant forward to kiss him, my cleavage became even more visible.  I kissed him this time, hard and a little rough.  The stubble on his cheeks and chin scratched slightly as I leant down to kiss the exposed skin around the neckline of his shirt.  I bit gently, eliciting a gasp and a shudder from Nathan, before soothing the skin a little with my tongue.His hands, which had initially settled on my hips and had been edging their way towards my ass, grabbed hard and ground me into his lap.  Two thin layers of material separated us, and Goddess, I’d never before wanted them to disappear quite as desperately as I did right then.  His cock rubbed my swollen centre and I arched my back in pleasure.  Quick as a flash, his hands left my ass and yanked my top up, exposing my breasts, which he grabbed in both hands and kneaded gently but insistently. I do love his hands, I thought idly, enjoying the teasing sensations coursing through my body.I found myself rocking in a pleasure-driven stupor, my pussy rubbing just enough to keep me wanting more, but not enough pressure to actually make me cum.  It was maddening.  My eyes were half-closed and small moans fell from between my barely open lips.  I felt so hot all over; my skin was flushing red-sky pink. Tired with his teasing grasps at my breasts, Nathan shifted his fingers and pinched my achingly hard nipples.  A shot of fire leapt from my breasts to my sex and I almost lo
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st control completely.  Instead, I took some of my frustration out on the deliciously tormenting man in front of me; fisting the hair on the back of his head, I pulled his head back and crashed my lips back onto his.  Teeth collided and tongues were slightly off-kilter in their wet and pulsing dance, but it didn’t matter.  We wanted, needed, more.  We both moaned and writhed together, unable to garner the self-control to get properly naked and finish the deed.Fuck, fuck, fuck, my throbbing pulse beat at my neck, sounding out a primal beat which was only matched by the twitching cock so desperate to bury itself into my warm, wet confines.  With one last growl, and putting all my quickly-fraying control into the action, I stood up in one swift movement, pulling my top back down to cover my swollen and now lightly bruised tits.“Bedroom.” Without even checking to see if he was following, I moved quickly down the hall.  A hand slapped my ass on the way, eliciting a gasp.  My skin was on fire, every touch and sensation was heightened.I fell forward onto the bed and crawled to the far side, lying as one would on a chaise longue; very 'draw me like one of your French girls'.  Nathan didn’t take his eyes off me for a second, staring at the exposed skin of my hip and legs where the material had ridden up.  My cleavage was enhanced by my position.  He seemed frozen in place, teasing his not-inconsiderable cock through his pyjamas and staring with a hot, lidded gaze.“Nathan?” I asked, coyly.  My voice was soft and enticing, and I was determined to drive him crazy.“Mhmm?” Nathan replied, barely concentrating.  I shifted slightly to lay on my back, propped up by a couple of pillows.  He was barely concentrating on my words.  Arching my back, my nipples pointed to the ceiling, hard and desperate for some attention.  My movements exposed more skin, and more of my stomach and inner thighs became visible as I stretched my body into its sexual contortions.“Come get me,” I whispered, as I slid one hand into my top to cup my breast and the other into my shorts to tease my pussy.  Before I’d even finished my words, he’d yanked his top off and jumped into bed with me.  Holding my hands above my head, he kissed my hard and deep, thrusting his tongue in my mouth, taking control, to possess me.  I surrendered.  He could do whatever he wanted to me, at that point, as long as he didn’t stop.With one hand grasping mine, Nathan’s other hand pulled my shorts down towards my ankles.  I lifted my hips to help him, and he flung them away.  I instinctively spread my legs; the cool air from the room amplified the head emanating from my wet sex.  He used one finger to spread my pussy and began rubbing my clit with his clever fingers.  I bucked under his touch, writing and moaning loud enough to wake the dead, never mind the neighbours.  I begged him not to stop, over and over, driven insane with my lust.  He bit my lip to try to silence me, but it only drove me wilder.  He pushed me closer and closer to the edge of a mind-shattering orgasm; the blood rushed in my ears, a loud whooshing sound that drowned out even my desperate keening. The bastard stopped.  Right on the edge, before I was thrown off the cliff into shuddering, wet oblivion, he fucking stopped.“No! Fuck, Nathan, please, please don’t stop, I was right there, so close, please!” I begged him, incoherent with want.  I throbbed, I ached, and I burned for more.  Those clever, magical fingers…He bit my lip once more, grinned, and kissed down my body until he lay between my legs, with his head less than an inch from my dripping wet pussy.Oh fuck… My breath came in ragged gasps.  I didn’t dare move, hoping, praying, he was about to do what I so desperately wanted.  Without ceremony, he put my legs over his shoulders and dived in.  I couldn’t help it; one of my hands moved to his hair to push him harder against me.  I caught his left hand in my own and laced our fingers together, holding tight to keep myself grounded.His tongue, so soft and warm and insistent, teased and lapped and sucked on my clit.  His right hand shifted, and he pushed two fingers deep into my wetness.  I arched my back and shuddered.  That cliff edge rushed forward, much faster than last time.  His fingers moved in some unintelligible way; I didn’t fall off the cliff so much as take a running-jump into ecstasy.  I screamed, writhing, begged.  Everything was bright lights and blackness in my head; my eyes were squeezed tight shut as every muscle in my body spasmed uncontrollably.  I must have looked possessed.  Nathan held me as still as he could and continued to tease, licking very gently, to prolong my orgasm.  I eventually pushed his head away when things got too sensitive.I eventually stopped writhing around as the endorphins slowed their assault.  I hadn’t even noticed Nathan move up to lie next to me, taking his pyjamas off as he did so.  His cock was incredibly hard, and bigger than I’d ever seen it.  I reached over and began to stroke it, gently.  Mixed in with the lust and arousal was a smile of satisfaction, and I couldn’t help but smile back.  The fire had reduced to embers; white hot, but no longer burning fierce and destructive.We kissed as I stroked him; Nathan’s hands inevitably found their way to my breasts again, rubbing and pinching my nipples very gently.  I was still so incredibly aroused from our earlier activities, but the desperation had transformed into a slow, languid sexiness.  I felt the fire in my belly being stoked with every movement of his fingers.  I began to grasp his cock harder, stroking a little faster.  The kissing became more urgent; his tongue licked deeper into my mouth, and we began nipping at each other playfully.  I pulled away for a second, smiled, and buried my face in his shoulder.  My lips sought the sensitive skin which joins neck, shoulder and collarbone.  With great deliberation, I kissed that sensitive spot, licked it, teased it, and then very gently bit. Nathan moaned, and I felt it reverberate inside me.  Fuck, I wanted him.  My pussy throbbed, desperate for some more attention. “Lie back,” I ordered, keeling up on the bed.  He shifted as I asked, cock swaying with the movement and at attention.  Straddling his lap, I rubbed the head of his cock against my once-again aching pussy.  Nathan’s hands grabbed at my tits, my hips and bum, touching any and every part of me he could. I teased him, driving us both back to the edge of our control.  My wetness spread, dripping onto my inner thighs.  I was so slick, there was barely any friction between us.  I pulled my camisole slowly above my tummy, to the bottom of my breasts.  “More?”“Off,” he growled, more a noise than a word, gripping my hips tightly.  I obliged, my breasts swaying enticingly. His heated gaze darted up and down my body, still rocking against him, teasing. “Please, Evy, I need you,” Nathan groaned, thrusting his hips in an attempt impale me on his throbbing erection.I giggled, a breathless noise, rubbing his cock in one last sweep against my slit.  I guided him in, sinking quickly onto his hardness.  The air left my lungs in a moan, and I gasped; full, but not satisfied. Nathan’s hands groped my tits, his fingers pinching my sensitive nipples and begging me to move.  I rose slightly, his cock slipping out of my pussy and drenched in my juices.  I teased, keeping only the head inside me, before slamming down.We both cried out in our lust, and that was the end of any remaining control.  Nathan’s hands gripped my hips in a vice, encouraging a fast rhythm which slammed the headboard against the wall.  Balancing one hand on his chest, I rode him with abandon, my tits bouncing and swaying with every hot, hard thrust.  Throwing my head back, I increased the pace; Nathan’s cock twitched and rubbed that secret little spot inside me that drove me wild.  His hands grasped at every part of my body; my ass, breasts, hips, waist all surrendered to his touch.  Purple spots exploded in in my eyes.  I rode harder, faster, breathing shallowly, desperate to cum hard again.  I was so close.All at once, I felt Nathan’s thumb rub my clit and without warning the edge of the cliff was right underneath me.  I plummeted, screaming, into the blackness.  Every nerve exploded with sensation, and that hot fire which had previously remained confined to my belly radiated throughout my body.  My pussy contracted hard, twitching and gushing with wetness; Nathan grunted his release, and I felt him fill me with hot sticky cum as he thrusted hard and deep.I rode out my orgasm, the occasional aftershocks interrupting the gentle rhythm.  I fell forwards, my hands either side of his head.  I was completely unable to keep any sort of balance.  My eyes were closed, and I tried to regain my breath.  Thinking in coherent sentences was an exercise in futility.  Fuck…I lifted my hips and the last vestiges of Nathan’s cock slipped out of me, followed by a thick, hot drip of cum.  I was full, I could feel it.  I collapsed completely next to him, stealing his shoulder as a headrest. “Fuck,” I said, finally opening my eyes.  “You realise we moved the bed, like, a foot away from the wall?”Nathan replied with that lopsided smirk plastering his face again: “You were pretty rough with me.”I hid my face, somehow still shy. “Oops!”“Not complaining!”We both giggled at each other, still catching our breaths.  I tried each muscle in turn – I could already feel the burning in my legs from the hard fucking – and I knew I’d ache in the morning.  I stretched to relieve some of the stiffness.“You’ve bruised me, look at my boobs!” I accused, playfully.  The finger marks on my hips and breasts should have concerned me, but I wasn’t worried.  The idea that he’d been rough enough to do that turned me on considerably.  When he looked genuinely contrite, I laughed and echoed him. “Not complaining!”A few seconds of silence – this time endlessly comfortable – stretched before us as we lounged in languid bliss.  An irrational question burned in the back of my anxious mind: “Was that okay for you? Really?”“You idiot,” Nathan rolled his eyes and kissed me sweetly in reassurance. We lounged in bed for a while longer, telling jokes and talking about everything and nothing.  I checked the time and realised we should probably eat soon – my tummy rumbled to confirm my suspicions.  In the time we’d spent fucking and talking, the sky had darkened almost to pitch.  I stood and retrieved his shirt, which fit tightly over my breasts and waist, and I held my hand out to help him up.  The sparkling electricity between us promised an extremely late night. 

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