Futai hard in pussy with a young model fucked by a muscular black

Futai hard in pussy with a young model fucked by a muscular black

"Well, well," my former boss Mr. Bradford said as I walked into his office. "It is so nice to see you Kali."Mr. Bradford was about six feet tall. He has salt and pepper hair. He dressed nice and was in pretty good shape. I would say he was an attractive man. I took off my coat and stood there so he could get a good look at me. I was wearing a short tight black skirt and a really tight top that stretched when I buttoned it leaving big enough gaps to see my boobs. No bra. No panties. Mr. Bradford's eyes widened. I bet he wished he never laid me off. I bet he wished he laid me. Lucky for him he was about to...he just didn't know it yet.Mr. Bradford owns a company of about 100 employees and I worked there for almost two years until I was laid off a few weeks earlier. He is married, in his late 40s with a daughter in college and two kids in high school. He use to check out my 36DD tits all the time. He used to put his arm around me and some of the other girls in the office. He would check out our asses. Mr. Bradford was a touchy feely type of guy and liked to stand close to you when he was telling you something and stare right at my tits. As a matter of fact he was doing that now.He told me to have a seat. We made some small talk asking how I was and how the job search was going. He apologized for laying me off but his hands were tied. As we spoke he just kept staring at my tits. "What have you been up to lately?" he asked.I should have told him that I fucked my ex-boyfriend former boss, two fireman that I just met and my next door neighbor over the last few days. All these men are married and old enough to be my daddy just like him! And you, Mr. Bradford were next. Instead I shrugged my shoulders making my tits bounce. Mr. Bradford looked right at them and smiled. "Oh let me show you my resume," I said and went over to the couch where I left it and bent over looking through my purse giving Mr. Bradford a nice view of my ass. The skirt was so short it just barely covered my ass. I took my time finding the resume even though I knew exactly where it was."I know I put it right in here," I said looking back at him. I could see the nasty smile on his face as he looked right at my ass. He was such a perv. That made me wet.I pulled my resume out and walked over to the front of the desk. He could see lots of cleavage as I leaned over the desk handing it to him. Mr. Bradford grinned as his eyes feasted on my hanging tits barely covered by my tight shirt. I walked around behind him and he watched my every step. Finally when I was in back of him he looked at the resume. I leaned forward over his shoulder looking at it too. My long hair flowing over him. I placed one of my big tits against his shoulder as I looked at the resume on his desk pretending like I wasn't aware of what I was doing. Mr. Bradford felt my heavy tit on him and he pushed back. I didn't pull back up but instead pushed my tit against him even more. He started to move his shoulder around and I did the same with my tit. He was massaging my tit with his shoulder and I was massaging his shoulder with my tit."That does it," he said. He turned around and grabbed my tit with his hand and squeezed it and put his mouth right on my tit sucking it through the shirt. I felt his other hand groping for my ass. He rubbed my ass around and around as he sucked my tit. "You're asking for it aren't you?" he said as he opened up my shirt. "Well you're going to fucking get it." Mr. Bradford pulled out my tits from my shirt squeezing and sucking them going back and forth from one to the other. I could feel the suction on my tits as his tongue licked my hard nipples. "You've got such nice big fucking tits, Kali," he said. "They're even bigger than I thought they would be naked." Mr. Bradford took one of his hands and from behind went up my skirt and started to rub my pussy with it his fingers."Fucking wet too," he said. "I knew you would be." He pushed his finger up my pussy and twirled it inside of me. Wow. Mr. Bradford was finger fucking me and sucking my big titties.I moved my knee between his legs and rubbed his bulge with it. He was hard as a rock."You want it bad don't you," he said. "Kali needs some cock, doesn't she? She needs the high hard one, don't you?"I lowered my head and answered by kissing him and sucking on his tongue.Mr. Bradford stood up holding one tit in each hand. He bounced them with his hands. He pushed my tits together over and over moving one up against the other. He took his finger and pushed it against one of my nipples pressing it into me like he was pushing a button. He took one of my tits in both his hands and squeezed it and shook it. He squeezed it hard making it push out and then put it in his mouth and sucked it. He pushed my tit up to my mouth so I could stick out my tongue and lick my own nipple. We both stood there licking my nipple with our tongues running over each other. I moaned as we both tasted my tit together. I reached down and rubbed his hard throbbing cock through his pants. That triggered Mr. Bradford to push me down on his desk. He pulled up my skirt and took out his cock and pushed it right into me. "Feel that cock plunging into your pussy," Mr. Bradford said. "The head entering you. Deeper and deeper inside your sweet slit. Your wet, hot tight pussy wrapping around my cock."I looked up at Mr. Bradford as his cock entered my pussy. He looked back at me. He grinned again. That nasty dirty smile. I knew what he was thinking. "I'm fucking you Kali. I'm finally fucking you. My cock is in your young pussy like I've imagined over and over." I squeezed his cock with my pussy. He thrust his cock deeper inside me."I can feel you squeeze my cock with your pussy," he said. "That pussy is throbbing on my cock, sucking it, clenching it. Your wet, tight, young pussy pulsating as I fuck it with my prick."I came. I came and came and came. "Yeah," he said. "Cum on my cock Kali. Cum all over my cock. Oh yeah, I feel your pussy clutching my cock as you cum all over it.""Oh my god," I said moving my head back and forth. I came so hard on Mr. Bradford's cock. Something about the way he talked as he fucked me really turned me on. He started fucking me harder. He grabbed one of my tits as he pounded his cock into me. "I'm going to fuck you good Kali," he said. "Fucking you harder. Fucking you deeper. Fucking that tight little pussy with my fat cock.""Yes fuck me hard Mr. Bradford," I yelled. "Slam me good with your prick. I want you to. Fuck me good,""Oh yes Kali," he said. "Look at those big tits of yours bounce as I plow my cock into you. Squeezing your big tit as I pound you.""Yes use my tits. That's what they are here for," I said. "I know they turn you on. I know my tits make your cock hard. You've wanted to get your hands on my tits since you've met me.""Yes Kali," he said. "I wanted to get my hands and mouth on your big tits for so long. And my cock inside your young pussy." He thrust his cock into me even harder."Oh fuck," I said when he slammed his cock into me really hard. He smiled."You like that?" he asked and I nodded my head. He stopped and braced himself and then slammed his cock hard into me again."OH!" I screamed. He laughed. He did it again and again and again. "OH! OH! OH! OH! OH!""Slamming you hard," he yelled. "Slamming that sweet fucking pussy. Yeah look at those tits bounce as I pound you.""OH! OH! OH! OH! OH!" I screamed with every hard thrust. I came again as Mr. Bradford rammed my pussy. It was a fucking amazing. I love multiple orgasms."Fuck yes Kali," he said. "Cum on my fucking cock again. Oh yeah you love it. You love my fat cock fucking your pussy." "Oh yes fuck me with your fat cock," I said. "Yes I love it. You fuck me so good.""I'm going to fill you with my cum Kali," he said still thrusting hard with his hand on my big tit. "Going to shoot my load in you.""In my mouth," I said. "I want to eat your cum.""Oh yeah," he said. "I'll fucking feed you my load."Mr. Bradford kept pounding me over and over until his balls were about to burst. He pulled out of me and I slid down on my knees and opened my mouth. The first blast of cum hit my face. My mouth was on his cock by the second blast. He pumped over and over wave after wave of cum inside me. I let it fill up my mouth. Once he was done I used my finger and wiped the cum that was on my cheek and pushed into my mouth. I showed Mr. Bradford all of his cum on my tongue. Then I closed my mouth and took a big gulp feeling his load slide down my throat and filling up my tummy. I love that feeling. Then I opened my mouth and showed him that I ate all of it. He gave me that nasty grin again. Then he held his cock up to my face and squeezed out some left over cum and I let it fall on my tongue and ate that too. That was the eleventh load of cum I swallowed in the last few days. I was obsessed with swallowing as much cum as I could right now. I wanted to eat at least 20 loads in a row as my record. It was a little challenge I have to myself. Call it one of my little secret slut goals. "I always knew you were a wild child," Mr. Bradford said. "Your good girl act was just a cover.""Oh really," I laughed. "Actually I was a good girl until my boyfriend broke up with me.""Asshole," Mr. Bradford said. "What idiot would break up with you?"I stood up and pushed my tits out at Mr. Bradford. "What asshole would fire me?" I asked and laughed.He grinned and squeezed my tits. "An asshole that had a hard time making payroll," he said. "Sorry about that Kali. Business has been tough.""Oh stop," I said. "I didn't come here to make you feel bad. I came here to make you cum.""Nice to know that a young girl as pretty and sexy as you wanted me," he said. "Cause you know I wanted you."He kissed me and I pressed my naked body against him. I reached down and rubbed his cock."Oh yes I am going to fuck you again," he said. "But I do need some time to recover. I'm not in my 20s anymore." "I bet I could get you hard," I said in a naughty voice."I don't doubt it," he said. "But I could tell you were hungry by how eagerly you ate my cum. How about we grab some dinner and then come back here for round two.""Okay," I said. "Just so long as you feed me dessert when we come back here. Something white, smooth and creamy.""Oh Kali," Mr. Bradford said. "I'll feed you as much of my cum as you want. I have an infinite supply."I went to the bathroom and cleaned up a bit, fixed my hair and make up. We went in his car to this nice restaurant with a booth in the back. I guess that this was his table because they knew exactly where to take us. It was very private and away from the rest of the crowd. I am sure that he has taken many other girls here before. What surprised me was that a few minutes after we were seated a friend of Mr. Bradford's joined us."Kali," Mr. Bradford said. "This is Jack Hall. He is a good friend of mine and a business associate."Jack Hall was a bit older than Mr. Bradford, definitely in his 50s. He also had some gray hair and was a couple of inches shorter than Mr. Bradford. Mr. Hall shook my hand and held onto it for a long time. He told me I was very pretty and then looked right down at my tits.I sat in the middle between the two of them. We had dinner and drank two bottles of wine. Mr. Bradford rubbed my leg all night long and would sometimes move his hand all the way up to my inner thigh. Sometimes he would point or put his hand on Mr. Hall's arm and brush against one of my tits as he reached over. Mr. Hall went to the bathroom and that is when Mr. Bradford kissed me. I was more than a bit tipsy at this point. Our tongues were going around and around and I felt Mr. Bradford rubbing my thigh. I was so turned on. "Well well," I heard Mr. Hall say. "Getting friendly are we?"Mr. Bradford stopped kissing me and we both laughed a little."That is okay," Mr. Hall said. "I can't blame him for wanting to kiss such a beautiful young woman such as yourself."I thanked him for the compliment."However," Mr. Hall said. "Why you would want to kiss him is harder to understand. I mean, he is not that good a kisser.""Oh I disagree," I said. "He is a great kisser.""Well," Mr. Hall said. "I happen to be a great kisser and I know I am better than he is.""Bullshit," Mr. Bradford said. "I am a way better kisser than you.""Oh really," Mr. Hall said. "Would you care to put your money where your mouth is?""I would rather put my mouth where her mouth is," Mr. Bradford said and kissed me again. It was a strong passionate kiss. I closed my eyes and felt his warm lips pressed against mine and his tongue rolling over my tongue. He rubbed his hand on my thigh slowly as we kissed. I moaned softly.Mr. Bradford and I stopped kissing but my eyes were still closed and my mouth still open. I felt another set of lips kissing me now. It was a deep, warm kiss with his hand on my neck caressing it softly. Mr. Hall was kissing me and I let him. Mr. Bradford moved his hand up my skirt pressing against my pussy as Mr. Hall kissed me deeply. Mr. Bradford then pulled my head towards him and kissed me again pushing his finger against my clit. I felt another hand move up my skirt pushing a finger inside my wet pussy. It was Mr. Hall. These two men planned this and I didn't obje
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ct. I let it happen. Mr. Hall pulled my mouth back to his as he buried his finger deeper inside of me. Mr. Bradford then pulled me back again kissing me as he rubbed my clit. They took turns kissing me, one and then the other. I was dizzy with ecstasy. Suddenly we were getting up and leaving the restaurant. Mr. Hall made me get into the back seat of the car with him. He started kissing me and squeezing my tits. He unbuttoned my tight shirt and my tits popped out. He immediately grabbed one of my tits in each of his hands and squeezed them and lowered his head and sucked them one after the other. Then he kissed me again pushing two fingers inside my pussy and rubbing my tit with his other hand. I reached over for his cock and unzipped his pants pulling it out and rubbing it. It was rock hard. Mr. Hall fucked my cunt harder with his two fingers deep inside me. He took his hand off my tit and placed it on my head pushing me down onto his cock. I didn’t need much pushing. I went for it. My mouth opened wide and took in Mr. Hall’s nice big cock deep inside.“Oh yeah,” Mr. Hall said. “Go for it Kali. Suck that cock good.”I did like he said. I sucked his cock good. I sucked it hard. I was so hungry for it. I sucked it as hard as I could. I sucked it so hard that my eyes were straining and my cheeks were sunken in.“Fuck,” Mr. Hall said. “Damn she’s sucking my cock really fucking hard. Jesus.”“She’s hungry for your cum,” Mr. Bradford said. “She’s trying to get it out of your balls so she can eat it. Ain’t that right Kali?”I answered him by deep throating Mr. Hall.“Holy fuck,” Mr. Hall said as I pushed his cock down my throat. “She is a hot one. She’s got my entire cock down her throat.”“I told you,” Mr. Bradford said laughing. “Kali is a wild one.”“As much as I like the way you suck cock,” Mr. Hall said as he pulled my head off of his dick. “I got other ideas.” He pulled up my skirt and pushed his cock into my pussy. “Oh yes,” Mr. Hall said. “That is nice. Such a hot tight wet sweet pussy you got. Sweet, sweet pussy.”Mr. Hall buried his cock inside me and put his thumb to my mouth and I sucked it like it was a cock.“Yeah Kali,” he said. “I know you’re dying to suck on a cock as I fuck you. Don’t worry because once we get you back to the office were going to spit roast you. Then we’ll make a nice Kali sandwich. I bet you’ll love that. And since you’re so hungry for cum we’ll make sure we feed you every drop.” Mr. Hall kept talking as he fucked me in the back seat of the car and it made me so horny. I came on his cock a few minutes later.“She is cummer,” Mr. Hall said. “Yes she is,” Mr. Bradford answered. “She loves sex. Loves to fuck, don’t you Kali.”I didn’t answer since it was kind of obvious. We got back to the office and we managed to compose ourselves just enough to look decent as we walked back inside. It didn’t matter since no one was around and it was dark. I had never been fucked by more than one man at a time. This was my first DP or double penetration. Or what Mr. Hall called it, spit roast and sandwich. Those terms were so demeaning but such a turn on. As soon as we walked over the threshold of Mr. Bradford’s office they started pulling off my clothes and kissing me and touching me and sucking me. Mr. Hall got behind me and massaged my tits and kissed my neck while Mr. Bradford rubbed my pussy and sucked on one of my tits. You could tell they had done this before. They had it down. Then they did something to me no one ever had done before and it drove me crazy. Mr. Bradford got on his knees and begin to suck on my clit and finger fuck me. I could feel his tongue running over my clit as he sucked it. His finger was pushing into me slowly massaging the walls of my pussy. Then I felt Mr. Hall pressing his tongue inside my ass! Oh my god! Mr. Hall was eating my ass at the same time Mr. Bradford was licking my clit. Then I felt Mr. Hall push his finger inside of my pussy. I had two different men finger fucking me at the same time. I closed my eyes and threw my head back squeezing my own tits and pulling on my nipples as they ate my two holes and finger fucked my pussy. I was dizzy with lust. That is when I felt Mr. Hall pressing his finger against my ass. I came again. I stood there trembling and shaking with my head moving back and forth screaming the word “fuck”. I thought I was going to collapse. Both men stood up and brought me to the couch. Mr. Hall bent me over and plunged his cock into my wet pussy and Mr. Bradford pushed his dick into my mouth. Mr. Hall reached up and grabbed one of my big tits as he fucked me and Mr. Bradford squeezed the other one as I sucked him. Mr. Hall’s other arm was wrapped around my waist and Mr. Bradford’s other hand was on top of my head as it bobbed up and down on his cock. This was the first time I was fucking and sucking at the same time. I liked it. I really liked it.I deep throated Mr. Bradford and held it in there as long as I could. I pushed hard back against Mr. Hall as he pounded me from behind. I was being spit roasted. At one point Mr. Bradford and Mr. Hall high-fived each other. I was their latest conquest. A young girl for these two older married men to fuck and fill with cum. I was all good with that because it felt so great. Its what I wanted. I wanted it as bad as they did. Maybe even more. “Oh she’s the best one yet,” Mr. Hall said. “Nice big firm tits, pretty face, sweet ass, tight wet pussy, so young and so horny. Willing to do anything.”At that moment they both pulled out. Mr. Hall lied down on the couch and made me get on top. Mr. Bradford went to his desk. I couldn’t see what he was doing since my back (and ass) was to him. Then I felt his finger probing my ass. It was all covered in lubrication. It was Kali sandwich time. I’ve had a finger in my ass while my pussy was being fucked but never, ever, ever had two cocks in both holes at the same time. I felt Mr. Bradford working his cock into my ass prying it open slowly as Mr. Hall fucked my pussy. I looked down at Mr. Hall and he had a big dirty smile on his face. “Feel those two cocks filling you up Kali,” he said. Then he took both nipples between his fingers and pulled them. I cried out. At that moment Mr. Bradford pushed his cock deep inside me ass. I let out a loud grunt. I never felt so full in my life. Mr. Bradford’s cock was stretching my ass and Mr. Hall was pounding my cunt. Mr. Bradford began to pick up his pace plunging his cock in my tight hole harder and faster. I grunted every time he pushed his cock deep into my ass. “Give it to her good,” Mr. Hall said. “Let’s make her walk funny by the time she leaves here.” He increased his thrusts into my cunt timing it with Mr. Bradford. Mr. Hall would push his cock in hard in my pussy then Mr. Bradford would push his cock in hard in my ass. Back and forth and back and forth. Then they would plunge their cocks in together at the same time as deep as they could holding there cocks inside me for a second and then start all over again. I totally lost myself. I didn’t care or think about anything. I was screaming and grunting and moaning and panting. I was yelling “Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. Harder. Harder. Harder,” over and over again as loud as I could. That is when I came again. I went wild cumming harder than I ever have before. It was like I was having a fit. I was convulsing and my whole body was out of my control. “Look Mikey,” Mr. Hall said. “She likes it.”I looked around to see if another one of their friends named Mike was watching us and if he was going to fuck me too. I swear that if he put his cock near my mouth I would have started sucking it. But Mr. Hall was just joking and there was no one else there.Mr. Bradford pulled his cock out of my ass and moved quickly to my mouth and plunged it in. I didn’t even think twice and started sucking as his cum jetted down my throat. It was the first time I ever took a cock in my mouth after it had been in my ass. I was so turned on I didn’t care. I wanted to eat every drop of his cum. Mr. Hall pulled out of me too. But he wasn’t ready to cum. He took Mr. Bradford’s place and pushed his cock into my ass. I guess he figured that he could just shove it in since Mr. Bradford was just fucking me in my ass. Mr. Hall got on top of me and just pushed his cock right in. Grunt. “Oh Kali,” Mr. Hall said. “You are such a nasty girl. I met you less than two hours ago and I’ve already had my cock balls deep inside all three of your holes.” He pushed his cock as deep as he could into my ass. I grunted again.“Yeah,” I said. “I’m the best fuck you’ve ever had.” I pushed back on this cock and squeezed it as tight as I could with my ass.“Oh yeah,” he said. “I couldn’t agree more. Pretty face. Nice big tits. Sweet ass. Young tight pussy. You suck cock like a champ. Three fuck holes ready and willing. And you are hungry for cock and cum.” He slammed his cock into my ass hard. “Oh fuck,” I said as he rammed me. “You were born to fuck,” Mr. Hall said. “Born to take cock in all three holes.” Slam. Grunt. Slam. I closed my eyes and clenched my teeth as Mr. Hall pounded my ass. “Look at you,” he said. “Built to make a man’s cock hard. And you have the innate desire to empty his balls inside of you.” Slam. Slam. Slam. Slam. Mr. Hall suddenly got tense and I felt him cum inside my ass. I could feel his hot load splashing inside my ass as he yelled “fuck” over and over again. I collapsed as he pulled out of me. “Sorry Kali,” he said after he finished emptying himself inside my ass. “I know you wanted to eat my cum but I couldn't hold back. But here, you can still lick it clean.”Mr. Hall pushed his slick dirty cock in my face. I looked up at him. He had a dirty smile on his face and a nasty gleam in his eye. I took his cock in my mouth and cleaned it. I did it. And I loved it. It was so nasty. And it turns out, so am I. “Good girl,” he said. “Very good.” We all got dressed. Mr. Bradford and Mr. Hall had to go home to their lovely families. I was going home to shower and then probably sleep before I went back over to Mr. White’s house. I had one more day and night with Mr. White before his wife and kids came home. Mr. Bradford said it was too bad that he couldn’t hire me back but said he might have some temp work for me. Mr. Hall said he could give me some temp work too and then slapped my ass. We agreed to meet next Friday again after 5:30 pm. It looks like Fridays was going to be spit roast and sandwich day. Mr. Hall left giving me and Mr. Bradford a few minutes alone before we went our separate ways.“Did you enjoy this evening?,” he asked.“I did,” I said. “You know I did. But I was surprised. It was the first time I ever did a threesome.”“But you enjoyed it. I could tell. You were really into it.”“Yes I was,” I said. “Mr. Hall is pretty nasty. But I guess I like that.”“Yes I would say you do,” he said. “I have some other friends that I know would be interested in meeting you.”“Umm,” I said. “Don’t ask me. I like the way you handled tonight. I guess I’m saying if you want to make something happen then just go for it.”“Understood,” he said and smiled. “Would you be interested in taking a trip with me? I have to go down to Florida for some meetings. Your company would be welcome.”“Yes,” I said. “I am interested. More than interested.”I drove home. My head was swimming with my adventures from this evening. I was so tired that I took a shower and went straight to my bed. I woke up at about 3 am and got dressed and went over to Mr. White’s house. He left the back door open like he said he would. He was sleeping. I undressed, crawled into his bed and put my mouth on his cock and started to suck him. Mr. White woke up looking down at me and smiling. I gave him a nice slow blow job. He came in my mouth and as you probably guessed I swallowed every drop (his cum was still really delicious). Then I curled into him and closed my eyes. I thought about the different men that I fucked over the last few days. How each one fucked me in their own way. William treated me like a slut, called me names and used me hard. Big John was so big and strong that I was his little fuck doll. Frankie made me call him daddy but it wasn't like he was pretending to be my father but was just playing off on the whole age difference. It was hot. Mr. White let me take control and I wanted to do things to him that he would never forget. Now Mr. Bradford wanted to not only fuck me himself but he also wanted to share me with other men. That was a first for me. But I experienced lots of firsts over the last few days. I wasn't sure where the line. Was there a line? I was doing things I never dreamed I would do just a few days earlier. But here I was fucking older married men one after the other. I was open to all of it so far and I was having more intense orgasms than ever before. I wasn't sure where this journey was taking me but I did know that I wanted to take the ride and enjoy every minute of it.

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